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How To: Fabric Painting with Acrylic Paint and GAC 900

If you're anything like me, you've been hoarding some old clothing that you no longer wear, in hopes of eventually finding a craft or project to help you repurpose them. I've always wanted to try painting on fabric, but have always been afraid it wouldn't last, and didn't want to break the bank on expensive fabric paints in the colors I wanted.

I already have a copious supply of acrylic paint that I've collected through the years, and have recently learned how to use this mixed with a fabric painting medium, so that I can use any color I want on the fabric of my choosing - plus, it's made to last!

Here's a list of everything you'll need:

  1. Pencil or chalk

  2. Acrylic Paint

  3. GAC 900 (this can be bought at any local craft store or Amazon!)

  4. Fabric or clothing

  5. Paint brushes

  6. Water

  7. Paper towels

  8. Heat press, iron, or a dryer


  1. Sketch out your design on your fabric with a pencil or with chalk. Don't apply too much pressure, in case you want to erase or wipe it away! I recommend using chalk, since that is easier to pat right off if mistakes are made.

  2. Mix an equal amount of acrylic paint and GAC 900 together. Note: the GAC 900 is a very thin liquid! Be careful when pouring it out, it will spread around your palette otherwise.

  3. Paint your full design. If you are painting on a colorful or dark fabric and want your colors to be very bright, do the first coat in white, and then use colors over that! This will make the colors pop more.

  4. Let dry fully - don't rush this step!

  5. Heat set the paint with either a heat press, iron, or in the dryer. *Please note: The heat-setting process will release low levels of formaldehyde; therefore adequate ventilation is recommended during this step. Do this one without the kiddos and pets around!

    1. Heat press: 1-2 minutes at 300° F / 150°C

    2. Iron: 3-5 minutes on medium heat

    3. Dryer: 30-40 minutes on high heat

  6. If you need to wash the fabric, just turn it inside out and use cold water and a gentle cycle!


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