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Welcome to BLOOMED by Cait

Where you can find handmade apparel and art that inspires you to love yourself, and put your mental health first. Plus, chase  your creativity  and  learn  how to make art  yourself ! 

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About Me:

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Hi there! I'm Cait Beth.

I'm learning to bloom in my own life, and share the art, adventures, and lessons that sprout along the way, hoping to inspire anyone who stops by.
I am a full-time Senior Analyst of Change Management for a sleep company based in NYC! I started BLOOMED by Cait as a way to lean into my creative side, do something that brings me a great amount of joy, and to have the opportunity to design and create unique gifts for you and your loved ones.

I am passionate about advocating for mental health, and many of my designs and blogs are focused on raising awareness and being transparent about my own mental health journey to show you that you are never alone.